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At first, Sugah was not a separate entity at all. Rather, she was simply the mainstream Rogue deaged and used in a sick television series by Mojo. Eventually, Rogue regained her true age and escaped from Mojo. Due to the high ratings Mojo received during the time that "Sugah" and the other X-Babies had worked for him, he decided to recreate all of them as separate entities. Thus, the true Sugah came into existence. She possessed Rogue's Mutant power, as well as the powers that Rogue had absorbed from Ms. Marvel. Sugah also wore Rogue's very first costume, altered to fit her size. She and the other X-Babies worked with Mojo for a time, but they eventually realized that he was evil and became a team all on their own. Sugah was among the X-Babies that battled the mainstream Avengers in order to save the life of her teammate Psychild. She and the other X-Babies were eventually successful in garnering the Avengers help, and Psychild gained a new body.[citation needed]


As a deaged copy of Rogue, Sugah possesses all of her original mutant powers, as well as the powers that Rogue had absorbed from Ms. Marvel.


Presumably, Sugah possessed the abilities of both Rogue and Carol Danvers.

Strength level

Class 50[citation needed]


Her absorption power is involuntary.


Flight under her own power

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