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As Wolverine was leaving the Xavier Institute, Rogue comments that he can't leave because they are both similar. After the explosion, the X-Men have gone their separate ways until the M.R.D. starts to hunt down "unregistered" mutants.[1]

Rogue is seen at a press conference with Senator Kelly unveiling the Sentinel Prowler. It instantly detects Rogue in the crowd and begins to pursue her. She is rescued by Beast, Angel and Wolverine, but turns down the offer to join the X-Men. Later that evening, she is pursued by the Brotherhood and is requested to join by Domino.[2]

Signing on, Rogue's first action is to take Warren Worthington Jr.'s memories so the Brotherhood can plot an assassination of Senator Kelly. Rogue regrets this action and returns to the X-Men in order to prevent the attack. However, when the X-Men try to defend Senator Kelly, the Brotherhood is nowhere to be found and the X-Men are forced to flee with no sign of Rogue. Later, Rogue is welcomed with open arms into the Brotherhood for double-crossing the X-Men.[2]

Rogue later tries to comfort Nitro, a mutant who turned himself into the MRD because he was too dangerous. This leads to a battle between the X-Men and the Brotherhood with Rogue trying to prevent Nitro from detonating. When the catastrophe was averted, the X-Men ignore Rogue and leave her with the Brotherhood.[3]

Soon after Rogue was placed in a position after she learned of the Brotherhood's plan, she rejoined the X-Men and calm a young mutant who is later seen with her at the Institute where Rogue has returned.[4]



Gloves to prevent her from accidentally taking someone's powers and abilities.



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