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Rojash was the leader of a band of Swamp Men who came in contact with the alien Prah'd'gul after his ship crash landed in the Savage Land. After seeing him kill a Tyrannosaurus Rex, Rojash and his people kneeled before Prah'd'gul as though he was a God.

Rojash took him to a citadel that once belonged to the High Evolutionary where he promised Prah'd'gul that it housed a vessel that could take him back to his own planet but the only obstacle in the way was a force field that surrounded the entire complex.

Prah'd'gul used his abilities to nullify the field causing it to shut down. All of a sudden Rojash and his party were attacked by Ka-Zar and his Golden People so Rojash suggested to Prah'd'gul that they should head to their destination while they had an opening to do so. Prah'd'gul called Rojash a coward as he would not fight with his tribe. Rojash entered the tower with one of his men and found an advanced weapon which he didn't know how to operate it.

He accidentally pulled the trigger which fired off a blast in the direction of his man, vaporizing him into nothing. Rojash then returned to the battle outside where he fired the weapon in Prah'd'gul's path but Ka-Zar saved him but ended up killing two of Ka-Zar's people. He then aimed it at the Fantastic Four, but Sue put up a protective field around the team causing the beam to reflect off her shield and back towards Rojash disintegrating his entire body.[1]

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