The criminal who became known as the "Green-Faced Man" was a notorious killer who was active during the 1940's. Developing various gasses to kill his victims, Reibel accidentally exposed himself to one of his most recent chemical mixes. Instead of killing him, it mutated him instead, giving him green skin, pointed fangs and made him immune to poison gasses. Ultimately captured and put on trail for his crimes, the Green-Faced Man had one of his minions rig a film projector with evidence of his crime to eject poison gas in the court room. Unleashing the deadly gas and killing everyone inside, the Green-Faced Man would attempt to flee the scene.[2]

He would not count on the fact that the Patriot would be on site, assigned to cover the story in his civilian guise of newspaper reporter Jeff Mace. The Patriot chased the Green-Faced Man to the roof of the court house. Their fight out knock them off the rooftop and onto a statue of Justice. Overpowering the Green-Faced Man, the Patriot would toss him off the statue. Reibel would save himself from a deadly fall by grabbing onto one of the arms of a clock below. However, this would only be a slight reprieve as the Patriot jumped down, grabbed the opposing arm of the clock and used it to swing around to Reibel and knock him loose again. The Green-Faced Man would then fall to the pavement below, dying on impact.[2]


The Green-Faced Man was immune to poison gases.

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