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The Neutralizer is the greatest weapon ever created by the Galadorians. It was created on Galador and given to Rom to battle against the Dire Wraiths attempting to invade the planet. The weapon is stored in a pocket of subspace until called upon by Rom when it then appears in his hand. The device is keyed to Rom's neuro-signature as a safeguard preventing anyone else from using it. Anyone attempting to fire the Neutralizer receives a severe feedback shock. Kitty Pryde was able to use the weapon briefly by using her phasing abilities as instructed by Rom, but her hands were severely burned.[1] The only other occurrence of an individual able to fire it was when Brandy Clark was telepathically shielded by Charles Xavier while firing on Hybrid.[2]

The Neutralizer has the ability to negate whatever forms of energy it encounters including the arcane magic of the Dire Wraiths, although this doesn't prevent the Dire Wraiths to recast a spell. When used on its lowest settings, it can cancel out radiation. In this way, Rom was able to cause The Thing to temporarily revert to human form[3], but because of the cosmic radiation was so interlocked with his cells the change was only momentary. Rom also was able to lessen the gamma radiation induced rage of The Hulk; though it didn't revert him back to human form, it allowed his intellect to regain control.[4] Rom was also able to cure the radiation sickness of normal humans. Higher settings can kill or open a portal to the dimension of Limbo. When used on a Wraith, it strips them of their disguises, opens the portal, and banishes them to Limbo.[citation needed]


  • In the Spaceknights Limited Series, the Neutralizer is called "Axadar" and appears in a different form than seen in the Rom series. It is described as being a sentient device and must select someone for them to be able to wield it. In this way, it rejects Rom and Brandy's oldest son Balin and later comes to the aid of the younger son Tristan and bonds with him.
  • The Neutralizer is capable of slaying Deathwings, but when Galactus sought to consume Galador, it was ineffective against his personal shields.
  • The Spaceknight Terminator had his armor reshaped by the renegade Mentus into a duplicate of Rom and grafted to the remainder of Rom's humanity that was stolen from the Hall of Science. He was given a duplicate of Rom's Neutralizer and was able to use it due to the neuro-signature of Rom's humanity that he stole.
  • Quasimodo was able to fire the Neutralizer while inhabiting Rom's armor after he had cloned Rom and removed his humanity from the armor.[5]

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