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Synopsis for "To Save a Spaceknight!"

The Prologue opens with the events that transpired immediately after the failed Dire Wraith attack on Galador. Aboard the Command Cruiser of the Wraith Battlefleet the command is given to whip the Wraith-witches for more speed from their incantations in a desperate bid to escape the wrath of Rom. The Spaceknight overtakes them and in battle, a number of hatchling Deathwings are summoned to fight Rom who destroys them. A Wraith Witch suggests leading Rom to Wraithworld to let their home planet deal with him. Rom is faced with a choice to pursue the receding fleet in all its diverse directions or pursue the command cruiser toward the Dark Nebula. Rom chooses to follow the lead ship to Wraithworld. Horrified by the planet, Rom nevertheless pursues the cruiser to the planet’s surface where he is accosted by the acid rains. Rom banishes the Wraith Witches on the cruiser before it can reach the safety of the fortress causing the ship to crash into the edifice. Rom is assaulted on all sides by horrors beyond imagination begins the systematic banishment of all he comes across. “It was one man against a world…and the man was winning!” In desperation the Wraiths create a sorcerous illusion of Wraiths everywhere that Rom looks to buy themselves time to escape. Sometime later on Galador, a council is called by the Prime Director with the Spaceknight Squadron to send them on a search mission to find the missing Rom. The Squadron finds a trail of wrecked Wraith battlecruisers leading to The Black Sun at the center of the Wraith home system. They descend upon Wraithworld to find no signs of the villainous Dire Wraiths. However, the very planet itself begins to assault the Squadron. After beating back the assault, Scanner detects the energy of Rom’s Neutralizer being fired continuously. The Squadron are soon confronted by Wraith Elementals left to defend their fortress. Once they defeat this threat they proceed toward the glow from Rom’s Neutralizer and are stunned to find him with ashes at his feet and firing at nothing. Perplexed, the group is informed by Unam that Rom DOES see Wraiths. Rom soon notices the Squadron but perceives them to be Wraiths due to the spell he is under. As the Squadron attempts to dodge Rom’s attacks, Scanner attunes her perceptions to see what Rom sees and is almost overwhelmed by the imagery. Unam turns himself invisible as Raak attacks Rom. Unam shoves Raak aside and steps before Rom defenseless and is able to talk Rom out of the trance. His senses restored Rom makes the fateful decision that it is up to the Spaceknights to scour the Universe to end the Wraith threat.

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Introducing the exiles from Galador known as the Space Knight Squadron, and they're the only hope of saving Rom from Wraith sorcery.

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