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In a distant galaxy, a Shi’ar Dreadnought approaches a force-sphere it had detected. Inside the sphere is a life form. The Shi’ar bring the sphere aboard their ship where it is examined. The force field disintegrates and the creature within is revealed to be Plor the Pulsar and attacks. The Imperial guard is quickly overcome and Chakar, the Praetor takes on the Spaceknight himself. In the clash both Chakar and the severely wounded Plor are apparently slain. Tyreseus sees the at Plor is still barely alive and asks to perform an autopsy on a creature that could take out an entire Imperial Guard by itself. Plor regains consciousness just long enough to tell that he sensed it was time for the Final Battle and that he had battled a Deathwing that mortally wounded him. He created a force-sphere to encase himself and drifted deliriously through space. After his demise, the doctor Tyreseus sees an opportunity to take the power of the armor and free his people from the dominion of the Shi’ar. He grafts himself into the armor and emerges to destroy the crew and confront the Majestrix herself in rebellion. As the Spaceknight Squadron continue on their quest to locate the missing Galador, they come across the remains of the destroyed Dreadnought and seek to investigate. They are quickly caught in the inertia beam of a newly arrived Dreadnought and transported aboard the Shi’ar ship where they are confronted by Gladiator, Praetor of the Imperial Guard. There evidence is presented that points to the destruction of the first ship by a Spaceknight. A skirmish ensues and Rom and Gladiator fight toe to toe. Scanner tells Rom that she has scanned the recent timelines and found that it was Pulsar that HAD attacked the other ship. Rom calls a cease fire and surrenders his Neutralizer to Gladiator until things can be sorted out. Gladiator consults with Deathbird who demands the captives be tortured. Scanner then detects the approach of Pulsar coming to attack the spacecraft. Rom retrieves his Neutralizer and frees his comrades to the alarm of the Shi’ar. He offers to confront the renegade Spaceknight and Gladiator sensing he can trust Rom agrees. The Spaceknight Squadron and the Imperial Guard soar forth to confront Pulsar/Tyreseus. Tyreseus is soon revealed and now calls himself Liberator and attacks with ferocity. Rom uses his Neutralizer to negate the armor’s power and Tyreseus flees pursued by the Spaceknights and Gladiator. On a nearby world the now powerless Tyreseus stands one last time in defiance and is mortally struck by Gladiator. In his dying words, Tyreseus tells of his former home and his attempt at becoming their liberator being rejected by the now civilized people. In despair he launched himself in a fit of suicidal rampage against his oppressor. The Spaceknights take his body and bury it on the planet. Gladiator then uses his powers to operate the Stargate on the planet to locate Galador and transport the Spaceknights home.


  • • These events took place immediately prior to Rom #73. It was the Shi’ar stargate that teleported the Spaceknights to lost Galador.

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks

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