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Synopsis for "Warrior Over Washington!"

Rom returns to Clairton to check on the safety of Brandy and Steve. He finds them in the city jail and frees them. Brandy gives Rom the general direction to Washington D.C. where Project Safeguard is located. Silas Lane who is also bound for the Capital talks to reporter A. C. “Ace” O’Connor about the coincidence that all the people that have been killed in Clairton have the exact same birthday. Rom is picked up on military radar and fighters are scrambled to intercept. Rom quickly deals with the jets but a strange craft appears behind him and attacks with a Neuro-Shackle that knocks the Spaceknight unconscious. They then take him aboard the craft where Dire Wraith Rachel Sweet awaits. Steve leaves Brandy and returns to the jail where it is revealed that the real Steve Jackson is still incarcerated and has been replaced by a Dire Wraith.

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