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Synopsis for "Standoff!"

Rom is held in a stasis field inside Project Safeguard and soon transferred to Ultralab where he is held on a magneto-disc. Dr. Daedalus and Rachel Sweet hope to probe Rom’s armor to gather the secrets of Galadorian technology. The “Most High Wraith” enters overrules them ordering the deaths of Rom and Archie Stryker/Firefall who is also held captive. Daedalus is slain when he gets too close to the Firefall armor. Rachel Sweet is about to kill Archie Stryker when Rom breaks free of the Magneto-disc and wrecks the equipment holding Stryker. Sweet opens an intercom switch and feigns fear for her life to bring help from the human security forces. As the humans are about to penetrate the lab, Firefall sacrifices himself to free Rom’s Neutralizer from the energy field by expending all the energy of the Firefall armor. Rom retrieves his Neutralizer as the humans break through. Sweet dares Rom to banish her in front of the humans. Rom in friendship for the fallen Archie Stryker banishes Rachel Sweet as the humans; including Ace O’Connor (who is taking pictures as it happens) look on.

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