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Synopsis for "The Ultimate Android!"

The Thinker plots to take control of Rom believing him to be an android that he will use to replace his own Awesome Android which has been defeated on numerous occasions. He tracks down the silver Spaceknight. Rom has returned to the place where he first arrived on Earth [1] to reflect on recent events and his feelings for Brandy Clark. The Thinker sends his Awesome Android to test Rom in combat. Meanwhile, Brandy is preparing for her impending wedding to Steve Jackson who is in truth a disguised Dire Wraith [2]. Ace O’Connor brings her photo evidence of alien activity to her editor Barry. Barry tries to dismiss the photos until he sees the one of Rachel Sweet’s banishment. He then transforms himself, being a Dire Wraith and summons two Hellhounds that drag Ace away into another dimension. As Barry destroys the photos, another reporter appears with the negatives. Rom defeats the Awesome Android and The Thinker appears and attempts to take control of Rom. Realizing his miscalculation the Thinker orders the Awesome Android to destroy the Spaceknight. However, the Android instead subdues the Thinker and retreats to his craft and leaves.

Appearing in "Saga of the Spaceknights"

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  • Agricon

Synopsis for "Saga of the Spaceknights"

The Saga of the Spaceknights continues with Rom’s Spaceknight Squadron battling the remnants of the Dire Wraith fleet in the D’Barrian Satellite Cluster. In the aftermath of the Spaceknights’ victory, a distress call is received from the planet Agricon where Rom’s beloved Ray-Na resides. The Spaceknights arrive to find Ray-Na a hostage of the Dire Wraiths. Rom cannot banish them for fear of killing her. Ray-Na breaks free and is gunned down attempting to get to Rom. Terminator and Starshine deal with the Wraiths as a heart-stricken Rom goes to his love who encourages him to fight on as she dies in his arms.


  • Sequence 2 Saga of the Spaceknights based in part on a story suggestion by Steve Grant.
  • Death of Rom's beloved Ray-na.

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