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Synopsis for "A Wedding!"

Brandy arrives at the church for her wedding to Steve Jackson who is in fact a disguised Dire Wraith. Rom returns to the Clark home and finds a scrapbook of Brandy’s life. Rom begins to deal with his feelings for Brandy and his envy of Steve Jackson’s humanity. As he is leaving the residence he is seen by a child on a bike and an elderly man who takes it upon himself to destroy the ‘killer robot’ by trying to run Rom down with his car. Meanwhile, the coroner Silas Lane is in Washington D.C. comparing birth records and realizes that a number have been tampered with recently. Elsewhere, Ace O’Connor awakens and finds herself in a sensory deprivation white-out cell with the real Steve Jackson and they swap stories. Two Wraiths arrive to kill Steve. Ace blinds them with her flash and the two attempt to escape. Ace is caught and tells Steve to leave her and save Brandy. Steve hears her death scream as he gets away. Rom saves the child from the misguided senior citizen and learns of the impending wedding. He arrives at the church just as the vows are about to be completed. Sensing something odd about Steve Jackson’s behavior, Rom turns his Energy Analyzer on him revealing a Dire Wraith. As Rom and the Wraith struggle, the real Steve Jackson arrives and shoots the Wraith who crumples to ash in front of everyone present. The entire congregation present saw that there were two Steve’s and the imposter turn to ash. Steve relates the tale and Rom’s mission to all who now know that aliens are among them. Brandy talks to Steve afterwards and offers to go through with the marriage if he wants to, but he declines wanting to wait till they are both sure.

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks
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