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The X-Men are sent by Professor Xavier to find a mutant detected by Cerebro. Dr. John Stennis arrives at the farm of Jacob and Marjorie Marks to find all the livestock dead. Entering the house he finds Marjorie who has been aged to the point of death. Elsewhere Silas Lane arrives at the Clark residence and is terrified to find the ‘killer robot’ sitting in their living room. After the situation is explained, he pulls the birth records and they compare the lists. It is realized the Jacob Marks also is listed as having the same birthday as the banished Wraiths. Rom is concerned that a Wraith may have married a human woman and sired a child. Rom, Brandy, and Steve head to the Marks farm where they find Jacob & Marjorie outside. Jacob openly declares himself a Dire Wraith and relates how he came to be on Earth and what has happened so far. Rom enters the house and confronts the child, Jimmy Marks who is revealed as Hybrid. Jacob attempts to slay the abomination but is himself slain. Rom attempts to banish Hybrid, but his unique DNA does not allow it. Rom is about to use the highest setting of his Neutralizer on Hybrid when the X-men arrive. Jimmy has reverted to his child form and the X-men believe Rom to be the danger.


  • Plot by Mantlo and Buscema, script by Mantlo, Claremont credited as "consultant."

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