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Synopsis for "And a Child Shall Deceive Them!"

The X-men stand ready to defend the young Jimmy Marks who, unbeknownst to them, is actually the half-human half-wraith Hybrid. As the team springs into action, Hybrid uses his mental powers to usurp Storm’s control of weather and creates a blinding blizzard. While Sprite stays close to Jimmy Marks, Colossus, Nightcrawler, & Wolverine press an uncoordinated attack. Hybird launches a number of farm implements at Rom & Wolverine. Nightcrawler teleports Wolverine to safety and the implements impact harmlessly on the Spaceknight. Rom searches through the storm to find the hulking shape of Hybrid rising behind the young Sprite. As Rom approaches, Sprite turns and spots the horror and instinctively phases through the Galadorian disrupting his circuitry. Colossus grapples with Hybrid who uses his abilities to revert Peter to his human form and begin asphyxiating him. Nightcrawler keeps Peter alive while Wolverine once again confronts Rom. Sprite tells Wolverine about the TRUE enemy Hybrid as Rom once again grapples with Hybrid. His Neutralizer is knocked away. Wolverine picks the weapon up and is severely jolted when he tries to fire it. Sprite then in desperation picks up the Neutralizer and due to her unique phasing ability is able to fire it. Hybrid comes to destroy her but Rom holds him back and instructs Sprite how to retune the weapon to its highest setting. She fires again blasting apart Hybrid’s molecules but also opening the dimensional rift to Limbo where Rom, bathed in his own weapon’s beam then falls through. With the destruction of Hybrid, the storm ceases and the X-men regroup and depart, leaving Rom’s Neutralizer lying in the snow.


  • Plot by Mantlo and Buscema, script by Mantlo, Claremont and Duffy credited with "inspiration and assistance".
  • Inks (issue pages): Milgrom pages 1-7, 15, Giacoia pages 10-14, unknown artist page 16, Buscema? pages 17-30.

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