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Synopsis for "Great Rocketeers Revival!"

Rom Vol 1 22 001
A number of Dire Wraiths in Rocketeer suits invade Clairton in the early morning. They are seen by Piney Plum as he is delivering milk and they destroy his vehicle. Brock Jones comes across the scene while jogging and takes the injured Plum to the Jones home where he summons a number of townspeople and Rom. The Rocketeers attack the Clairton Grammar School. Rom and the Torpedo battle the marauding Rocketeers. The Torpedo is hit and just as the Wraiths are about to finish him off, Rom banishes them with his Neutralizer. Brock’s children recognize it’s him in the Torpedo suit. Rom declares his intention to return to find what has become of Galador. In the offices of the Delmar Insurance building, a gunshot is heard and a pile of ash is found at the desk of Mr. Benjamin.

Appearing in "Saga of the Spaceknights: The Body Snatcher!"

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Synopsis for "Saga of the Spaceknights: The Body Snatcher!"

The Angel Elite respond to the attack by Terminator on the Hall of Science. As they arrive, Terminator emerges carrying the cryogenic remains of Rom. He slays one of the Angels then blasts a hole into the underground sewer system and escapes. The Angels enter the Hall of Science and find all intact except the missing chamber of Rom. Terminator travels through the sewers and enters a portal that takes him to Mentus where he reports that he did NOT destroy the remains of all the Spaceknights. Mentus then wonders why he brought the remains of Rom to him and begins to form a new plan.


  • Cover art: colours by Roussos.
  • Sequence 1 Great Rocketeers Revival! plot by Mantlo and Buscema, script by Mantlo.
  • Sequence 2 The Body Snatcher! plot by Mantlo and Buscema, script by Mantlo.

• This issue is the lead-in to “Power Man & Iron Fist #73” and the action returns back with Rom #23

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks

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