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Synopsis for "The Thing from Outer Space!"

The two Heroes for Hire and Rom attempt to get to the Baxter Building while the entire city of New York is in panic over the ‘Killer Alien Robot’. Numerous heroes are on patrol (shown in cameos are: Spiderman, Moon Knight, Daredevil, Captain America, & Iron Man). The trio move through back alleys until they are spotted by a group of soldiers who open fire. Meanwhile a strange fog has begun to waft through Clairton leaving those it touches in a strange trance. Back in NYC Rom overturns a truck between them and the soldiers using this as cover as the three heroes escape down the sewers. They finally arrive at the basement of the Baxter Building where Power Man tries to use his key to get in only to find the locks have been changed. The three battle their way through the Baxter Building’s defenses until they finally reach the hangar area where the spacecraft are stored. At that moment the Fantastic Four return and confront them but the trio is unsure whether they are the real Fantastic Four or Dire Wraiths disguised. Power Man asks Mr. Fantastic what the sum was they agreed upon for his services and when he states the correct amount he believes them to be the real team. The two heroes explain Rom’s mission on Earth and the Fantastic Four come to believe them. They give Rom a captured Skrull saucer to allow him to return to Galador and Mr. Fantastic programs it with the coordinates the Spaceknight gives him. Mr. Fantastic then asks Power Man what if the Wraiths had duplicated the FF’s brain patterns as well and knew everything the real FF would have known to which Power Man has no answer.


  • Cover art: colours by Roussos.
  • Letters (story pages): Rosen pages 1-12, Zalme pages 13-21.

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