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Synopsis for "No Place Like Home!"

The Skrull saucer that Rom borrowed from the Fantastic Four emerges from hyperspace. Rom scans the heavens for any sign of Galador’s twin suns but sees nothing and frustrated, he believes himself lost in space. A flicker on the view screen catches his visual receptors attention as a number of objects approach. These are soon revealed to be skimmer-mounted Syfon Warriors led by Powerhouse and the young Nova (Richard Rider). They immediately fire upon the Skrull saucer which has invaded Xandarian space and Rom, his rocket pods now repaired, comes forth to deal with his attackers. Powerhouse attempts to drain Rom but is himself drained by the Galadorian armor. Nova attacks and is swatted away as Rom pronounces himself not a Skrull but from Galador and most recently Earth. This brings a stop to the fighting as Nova wants an explanation. Rom tells of his mission and the evil of the shape-shifting Dire Wraiths. They then proceed to Xandar to see Queen Adora and find if the Xandarian Living Computers can locate Galador. As they talk, the mile-long ship bearing the Nova Corps arrives. A welcome is prepared and a party beams to the surface only to reveal themselves as disguised Skrulls who immediately open fire on the populace. Rom battles the Skrulls as Nova attempts to find the real Nova Corps. He approaches the ship only to see that Diamondhead has betrayed the Corps and is now targeting him. Nova rams the ship opening it to the vacuum of space instantly killing the Skrulls present. He then confronts Diamondhead and thrusts him into deep space with his allies. Nova then uses the ‘Phaser’ to bring the Nova Corps back in phase and release them. They then return to Xandar to find Rom and the populace, led by Queen Adora, battling the remaining Skrulls. The rest are soon mopped up and sent in defeat back to the Skrull home world. Richard Rider is returned to Earth (minus the Nova powers). The Protector is able to ascertain that Galador has been moved and Rom is soon sent to find out how and why. Back on Earth, the fog continues to waft through Clairton entrancing all it touches.


  • Cover art: colours by Roussos.
  • Gruenwald is credited with research.


Continuity error...Brock and Lorraine Jones eldest daughter is called Tammy instead of her true name Annie.

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