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Synopsis for "Galactus!"

Terrax the Tamer, the Herald of Galactus, arrives above Galador with his master. As Terrax assaults the planet, the transcended ID energy of the Prime Director attempts to confront Galactus but is quickly consumed. The Spaceknights battle back against Terrax and are able to defeat him. Galactus is amazed that any world would have beings capable of defeating a Herald of his own creation and takes action himself. Rom and Terminator attempt to confront Galactus and as Terminator continues his assault, Rom goes aboard his ship, Tau II, to find a means to draw Galactus away from Galador. Galactus is enraged at Terminator’s continued attack and kills him by feeding on his life energy. He then becomes aware that Rom has invaded his ship and arrives to find that Rom has wreaked destruction within his world-ship. Rom strikes a bargain with the devourer to lead him to a world and an entire star system where he may feast if he will spare Galador. Meanwhile on Earth, Brandy Clark and Steve Jackson are captured by the mesmerized townspeople of Clairton and brought to waiting Dire Wraiths. They too are touched by the mysterious fog and entranced. The entire population of Clairton are sent into the mines as hostages against the return of Rom as the assembled Wraiths assume the shape of each person of the town to set a trap.


  • Inks: figure by Sinnott, backgrounds by unknown artists.
  • Letters (story pages): Chiang pages 1-10, Simek pages 11-21.

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