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Appearing in "Turnabout Is Fair Play!"

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Synopsis for "Turnabout Is Fair Play!"

Rom returns with Galactus to the surface of Galador to announce that he has struck a deal with the devourer to save their homeworld. Rom learns of the death of Terminator who had half his humanity. Galactus orders Terrax to inter the fallen Spaceknight with full honors. Starshine asks what pact has been struck to save Galador and all are appalled that Rom will lead the Devourer to another world until he explains his intent to lead him to Wraithworld in the Dark Nebula. The assembled Spaceknights are brought aboard Tau II and Rom proceeds to lead them. Galactus reflects on Rom and compares him with his first Herald, the Silver Surfer deeming Rom his equal in every way. Upon arrival in the Dark Nebula, Terrax is sent forth to claim the system but returns trembling in fear. Galactus is astounded that a Herald would be quaking in fear and transports the Spaceknights to the surface of Wraithworld with him. Galactus sets up his Energy Converter but the acid rains of Wraithworld melt it to slag to the dismay of the Devourer. The rain even begins to eat at the enraged armor of Galactus himself who proceeds to try to feed on the planet. But Wraithworld feeds off of Galactus instead, even felling him. Again he shoots out anti-matter beams to consume the planet and again is fed upon himself. Galactus then begins to grow in size and sets off to confront the very Black Sun itself. The Spaceknights retreat to the haven of Tau II and await the outcome. Sensing the power of Galactus the Black Sun sends forth tendrils that shape themselves into more than a dozen Queen Deathwings to feed on him.

A beaten and damaged Galactus returns to his ship where he proclaims for the first time in his existence he has met a planet – an entire sector of space – which he had not the stomach to consume. Rom asks what of their pact and Galactus stares furiously at the Spaceknight. Then he laughs at having been outmaneuvered and then in a magnanimous gesture saves Galador which had been hurtling towards destruction in the Dark Nebula by moving it to safety, but to a place where the Spaceknights know not. Meanwhile the Wraiths continue to patrol occupied Clairton while the real townspeople find there is no escape from their ‘white cell’ the Wraiths imprisoned them in.


  • Galactus admits he met an entire star system that he did not have the stomach to consume.

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