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Synopsis for "Earthward Bound!"

The Spaceknights are assembled on an asteroid at the location where Galador had been prior to Galactus moving it. With their homeworld lost to them, the Spaceknights seek to continue their war against the Wraiths. Starshine weaves the Living Light around the cyborg warriors transporting them to various destinations to continue their Crusade. Rom materializes back on Earth and finds Starshine has also accompanied him there. The two proceed to Clairton where they are met initially with fear by the townspeople. Later the two Spaceknights relate to Brandy Clark & Steve Jackson the tale of Rom’s return to Galador. Later in the basement of the Clark home, Rom uses his Analyzer on a globe to show Starshine the Wraith infiltration when she observes that there is Wraith activity in Clairton. Steve then bursts in with news that something is abducting them, dragging them underground. The townspeople, who are in truth Dire Wraiths, turn to Rom for help and the two Spaceknights go to the mines to find out what is happening. Brandy & Steve follow them to the mines. The Spaceknights come face to face with The Outcasts led by The Mole Man. After a brief conflict, the subterranean dwellers realize that the Spaceknights are actually on their side as the real townspeople of Clairton emerge. They tell of how they were able to escape the ‘White Cell’ the Wraiths had imprisoned them in and with the Mole Man begin to attack the Wraiths above. The Wraiths disguised as Brandy & Steve arrive and attempt to kill Rom but Starshine sacrifices herself to save him by throwing herself in the way of their weapons. Rom quickly banishes these last two Wraiths. In her final words before dying, Starshine confesses of her jealousy of Brandy because of the love Rom has for her.

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