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Synopsis for "Even a Spaceknight Can Cry!"

The townspeople of Clairton attend the funeral of the Spaceknight Starshine. Rom uses his Neutralizer to release Landra’s Light Essence. Rom is heartwrenched by the loss of his sister Spaceknight and of his own humanity lost when Galactus slew Terminator. As Rom seeks answers to his own existence, his Energy Analyzer locates a deadly energy radiating from a nearby town. Rom arrives in Lucifer Falls and is met by Clay Brickford who thinks the Spaceknight an angel of God sent to deliver them. Rom follows him to his residence where his entire family, wife Belinda and their children Jimmy-Jack, Clay, & Allison are all sick from radiation poisoning. Rom analyzes the energy and summons his Neutralizer. He then neutralizes the radiation curing the family. They tell Rom of the arrival of Bruce Banner and the battle his alter ego The Incredible Hulk had with Lincoln. Rom proceeds into the mine to find the missing Lincoln. Rom’s Energy Analyzer leads him to a solitary figure that is the source of the radiation poisoning Lucifer Falls and he mistakenly believes it to be the Hulk. Rom commands him to rise and face him but finds that it is the family’s friend Lincoln a.k.a The Missing Link instead. Lincoln then tells the true tale of his existence and the battle with the Hulk. Rom summons his Neutralizer with the intent to heal him which Lincoln misinterprets as an attack. A battle ensues and the mine begins to collapse and the town above is set afire. Link strikes a coal seam with his radioactive fist which ignites and blows him apart. Rom scrambles for his Neutralizer as Link reassembles and as he hurls himself on the Spaceknight, Rom fires, neutralizing the radiation and curing Lincoln. Rom emerges from the mines with Lincoln and reunites him with the Brickfords.

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