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  • Metal Master's Spaceship

Synopsis for "Silver Spiders in the Snow!"

Bernie Tarpin, owner of Clairton Scrap Iron & Junk is awakened by his dog Alice to find strange metallic spiders eating the metal in his junkyard at the command of the Metal Master. At the Clark residence Rom uses his Energy Analyzer on the Monitor Globe that detects Wraith activity and proclaims Clairton free of Wraithkind. Rom then uses his Analyzer to activate the Torpedo’s upgraded Visor so that he also will be able to detect Wraithkind. Brandy leaves heartsick knowing that Rom will soon depart. In Washington D.C., reporter Mack Killburn is pursued by a Wraith being led by two Hellhounds in dog form. Mack fires at the Hellhounds. One turns intangible but the other is slain. A nearby police officer is alerted by the shots and approaches to find a Wraith transitioning into its natural form as the Hellhound continues to attack the reporter. The Wraith moves to kill the policeman and Killburn shoots the Wraith. The officer then slays the Hellhound. Killburn flees desperately searching for Rom. Meanwhile Rom and the Torpedo patrol the night skies on Christmas Eve above Clairton where they speak of the love between Rom and Brandy Clark. The Torpedo heads back to town leaving Rom again contemplating his emotions. As he flies over the old Marks farm, the Torpedo’s newly activated Wraith Detector Vision spots an eerie form rising from the debris. Meanwhile the Metal Master picks up Rom on his scanners and sends his spiders to attack. As the battle goes on, the Metal Master himself joins in and attempts to mentally take control of Rom’s armor. Rom collides with his Skimmer and both plunge to Earth where Rom soon recovers but the Metal Master is left mentally shattered by his failure to control the metal in Rom’s armor. Rom finds the unconscious Bernie Tarpin with his faithful dog Alice and carries him back into his home. Christmas morning Bernie awakens from what he believes to have been strange dreams to find a present in the form of the Metal Master’s spaceship sitting in his junk yard.

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks
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