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Synopsis for "West Virginia (State) REEL"

The Torpedo investigates a visage materializing from the snow around the ruins of the former Marks farm, which turns out to be Hybrid. The Torpedo hits him at full torpedo thrust and is knocked harmlessly away. He finds a pitchfork in the snow and hurls it with full force only to be astonished that the creature stopped it with its mind.

Elsewhere, a prison road crew works to clear snow in front of a transport carrying the deadly Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. A couple of prisoners fall before the oncoming vehicle, and Rom descends and stops the transport from crushing them. Believing Rom’s halting of their transport a possible attempt to free the prisoners, the panicked crew lifts off from the ground to get away. Rom is then confronted by the guards of the prison work crew. He asks what manner of man would chain his fellow humans and summons his Energy Analyzer, which they misinterpret as a weapon and open fire.

Seeing their bullets have no effect, the guards flee. The convicts lie to Rom telling him they have been enslaved, and he frees them before proceeding towards Windust Prison. The transport has landed at the prison mere moments before the Spaceknight’s arrival. Inside, a disguised Mystique and Rogue have released the remainder of their Brotherhood. As they burst forth, they encounter Rom, and in proclaiming themselves the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, Rom realizes his mistake and attempts to prevent their escape.

Pyro attacks him with his Living Fire, but Rom neutralizes him. He summons his Analyzer which reveals them as mutants. Rogue then attacks him, while Avalanche attempts to use his powers but his shattered arms are not able to take the strain. Pyro, Avalanche, & the Blob are all down. Mystique then orders Rogue to carry herself and Destiny away. The warden emerges with his guards and the misunderstandings are soon straightened out. Rom goes forth to attempt to recapture the departed ‘Sisterhood’. The fleeing mutants seek shelter from the cold and land at a mansion, where they encounter Hybrid.


  • Cover art: pencils and inks by Milgrom, colors by Roussos.

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