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Synopsis for "Choosing Sides"

The three fugitive members of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, Mystique, Rogue, & Destiny square off against Hybrid. As Mystique comes in contact with Hybrid, a mental link is established whereby the history of the Wraiths and Hybrid’s battle with Rom & the Uncanny X-Men is revealed to her. They decide to form an alliance as they have common foes.

Rom returns to the home of Brock Jones, a.k.a. the Torpedo, and hears of his battle with Hybrid. Mack Killburn arrives and wants to enlist in the cause against Wraithkind. Rom goes forth to once again face the horror called Hybrid. Meanwhile, the convicts he mistakenly freed stumble across the mansion where the mutants are hiding. Hybrid mentally suspends them in air and twirls them till they are dead, stripping them down to skeletons. It is then that Rom arrives and finds what appears to be a battered and helpless Mystique. Rom goes to aid her and they then unleash their trap.

Rogue attempts to absorb Rom’s power but is astonished that he has no power, only a kind decency she has never known before. Hybrid then reveals himself and attacks. As he focuses on the Spaceknight, Destiny is able to penetrate his mental blocks and see his true plan: to force mutant females to become breeding stock for a new race of Hybrids.

Rogue takes off to aid Rom and finds him grappling with the monster. She attacks Hybrid and offers to partner with Rom against him. Hybrid grabs her by the head, which causes her to begin to absorb his abilities. She is able to use these against him to knock him away as she is wracked with nausea from his touch. Rom comforts her and, once again, turns to fight Hybrid, who assumes first Rom’s human form, then Brandy’s to deceive the Spaceknight. However, Mystique also assumes Brandy’s form, breaking the illusion. Rom summons his Neutralizer, and Hybrid seeks to once again take control of his armor and turn his weapon on himself. It is then that Destiny tells Rogue she must once again absorb a portion of Hybrid’s power so that Rom may prevail. Rogue does so, and Rom blasts him once again with the Neutralizer.

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