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Synopsis for "Mine Eyes Have Seen the Glory"

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Off the coast of Maine a blind young thirteen year old Sybil stands on the edge of a sea cliff. She is approached by Aunt Mara and her dog Conquistador who guide her back into the house. She reflects on a vision of light and a silver stranger she has seen in her dreams. Rom departs from Clairton leaving behind a grateful populace and a heartbroken Brandy Clark. Rom again reflects on the war against Wraithkind and the losses sustained. In the cliff house in Maine, Sybil also reflects on the losses in her life; her parents, her sight and the coming of the darkness with Aunt Mara. Outside dark leathery winged creatures descend and transform into their Wraith forms as they are met by Aunt Mara. A curious Sybil decides to listen in on their conversation. She hears of their evil plans to transform her just as they have made dogs into Hellhounds. In panic she flees and is pursued by the Hellhound that was formerly her pup Conquistador. As she bursts through the door she finds Rom who has been led here by his Analyzer. He confronts the Hellhound as Sybil flees into the moors. The Wraiths transform to seek her out and recapture her. Rom slays the Hellhound and turns to face the Wraith High Witch who transforms herself into a monster and attempts to bewitch him. Rom banishes her and goes forth to locate Sybil. He finds her alone and she explains that she knew the moors while the Wraiths did not and that the moors protect their own.

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks
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