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Synopsis for "Agony in Atlantis!"

The great monster awakened by the Wraiths Black Pearl heads toward Atlantis bent on destruction. Rom tells Namor of the Wraiths and the war and Namor informs him that he had rescues Sybil. The child arrives in Atlantis and warns them of the Dire Wraiths. The Oracle, who is in fact a Wraith in disguise, seeks to destroy Sybil. She warns the Atlanteans that they are under attack as the monster from Neptune’s Cave breaches the city. Rom and Namor, with the Atlanteans at their sides battle the creature and is dispatched by Namor with Rom’s aid. As Spaceknight and Sub-Mariner return to Atlantis they find that the Dire Wraiths have attempted a coup in the palace. The two warriors burst into the palace and find Sybil drowned. Rom banishes all but the lead Wraith Witch whom Namor slays with a trident. Rom holds the lifeless Sybil in his arms and Namor tells him he may be able to save her. Namor takes Sybil to a conch bed that alters her genetic structure allowing her to breathe water and revives her.

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