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Synopsis for "The Sign of the Victim Is... Scarecrow!"

Rom departs Atlantis after their victory over the Dire Wraiths. Sybil is proclaimed the new Oracle of Atlantis. Rom is amazed at the life on Earth and uses his Translator to listen to the singing of nearby whales as he swims with them. In Clairton, Brandy Clark visits the grave of the Spaceknight Starshine. An apparition of the Spaceknight appears and tells her to fear not as they are sisters of the soul, both loving Rom. She bestows on Brandy her Light Essence, the power of Starshine. Rom arrives over the southern shores of England and finds a child hung on a scarecrow’s pole for sacrifice. The child tells of the arrival of Wraiths and their requirement of sacrifice from the village. At that moment, the Wraiths arrive led by yet another Wraith High Witch and attack the Spaceknight. Rom banishes her to Limbo, but two more Wraiths subdue the child Stephen and carry him through a mystic portal. Rom accidentally slays a Wraith and in rage slays two others who attempted to make off with his Neutralizer. Rom banishes the rest and sets forth to rescue the abducted Stephen.

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