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Quote1.png "A curse from the likes of you, a blessing to my audioreceptors!" Quote2.png
ROM: Spaceknight

Appearing in "In Days of Olde when Knights Were Bolde!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Stephen (Welsh child kidnapped by Dire Wraiths)



Synopsis for "In Days of Olde when Knights Were Bolde!"

Rom is confronted by the people of the village who think him the evil that has taken their children. Rom then follows the eldritch trail left by the Wraiths. In Clairton, Steve arrives at the Clark residence looking for Brandy. He is told by Brock Jones, the Torpedo that she was last seen at the grave of Starshine. Brandy digs up the coffin of the Spaceknight Starshine and takes the lifeless armor realizing either the armor is far lighter than she imagined or she has become far stronger since the deceased gladiatrix imbued her with her Light Essence. Rom tracks the Wraiths to an old castle that local legend believes to be that of the evil sorceress Morgan LeFay. As he approaches the castle, he is attacked by a trio of Hellhounds. After dispatching them he comes across a pair of Watchwraiths that he also defeats. Rom summons his Analyzer in search of the Wraiths and images begin to wash across his circuits of Arthurian legend. The children are being bound in eldritch cocoons in preparation for the evil rites. Rom draws near but the stonework collapses plunging him into the depths below where he comes across the frozen remains of the knights of legend. Rom ascends and attacks the assembled Wraiths. Rom is nearly overcome and as he is losing consciousness he see the images of the knights come forth and battle the evil magic. Rom is awakened by the freed children who tell him they saw nothing but him fighting the darkness. Rom is not so sure that it was he alone that saved the children.


The Castle that Rom tracks the Dire Wraiths to is noted as being that of Morgan Le Fay.

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