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Shang-Chi watches a procession of Wraiths as they break into a crypt and follows them in. He sees them bring forth the skeletal remains of a long dead child and realizing they are not human, he attacks the Wraiths and sends them fleeing. Rom arrives in the hamlet of Shepton Mallett near Gloucester, England having tracked Wraiths to an orphanage there. Inspector Carruthers has arrived at the same time to perform a routine inspection. Through the window, Rom sees an exact twin of the Wraith High Witch Mara. She leads the inspector upstairs where he finds all the children entranced. The Wraiths reveal themselves and attack Carruthers. At that moment Rom bursts in and battles them as the Inspector flees. Mara sets the assembled Wraiths to the attack as she takes the children and attempts to complete the ritual. Carruthers stumbles on them and throws a torch at the High Witch. As she turns to deal with the human, Rom appears and sends her to Limbo ending the incantation and returning the children to normal. Elsewhere Shang-Chi learns that the mummy of an Egyptian child princess will be in London and decides to go there in case the evil aliens make an attempt there as well. In Clairton, Brandy has taken the Starshine armor to her pharmaceutical lab. She is approached by Doctor Dredd who offers to help her achieve her desire to become a Spaceknight.


  • The 'Mara" Wraith claims she is the sister to the Mara that Rom had slain back in Rom #33.

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks

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