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A troubled Doctor Strange uses his all-seeing Eye of Agamatto to fathom the cause of a supernatural storm and witnesses the battle between Rom and the Dweller on the Threshold in another dimension. Doctor Strange purposes to aid the Silver Spaceknight who sacrificed himself to save Earth’s children and transports himself to the dimension where the battle is being fought. As he is about to aid Rom, he is stopped by the Living Tribunal who summons the In-Betweener to prevent Doctor Strange from helping the Spaceknight in his battle. The Dweller attempts to warp reality around Rom and drive him insane. Rom decides to battle in close quarters and approaches the monster who then transforms his appearance into that of an innocent child that offers Rom peace and a restoration of his humanity. This stuns the Spaceknight and brings him to his knees. In Clairton, an explosion rocks the pharmaceutical lab as the Torpedo flees with Steve Jackson from the entranced Brandy/Starshine. As the rampage continues, the Torpedo attempts to stop her, but is struck down yet again. But the Wraith Warlock Doctor Dredd calls Brandy back to Earth and together they disappear to seek out and destroy Rom. As Doctor Strange battles the In-Betweener he sees that Rom is being deceived into temptation to be human again. Strange casts a spell of awakening on Rom even though it leaves him defenseless to his foe. Having been awakened, Rom realizes he was about to step through the portal onto Wraithworld but now sees the Dweller for what he is and gives him the gift of banishment, closing the portal. Rom then soars to the aid of the unconscious Doctor Strange and asks the Tribunal what of his balance now? The Living Tribunal then declares that Rom must help restore the balance.

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