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Appearing in "Lead Me Not Into Temptation"

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Synopsis for "Lead Me Not Into Temptation"

A recovered Doctor Strange and Rom convene in the other dimension where they had just been in battle. The Sorcerer attempts to divine the Wraith presence on Earth but is foiled until Rom uses his Energy Analyzer to reveal all. One area, located in the Khystym region of the Soviet Union, shines brighter than the rest. Rom has Doctor Strange send him there to deal with the Wraiths. The Spaceknight appears in a land blasted as if by great heat. He is observed by Dire Wraiths. As he proceeds, he comes across a paradise with people singing and dancing. He approaches and asks who they are and they proclaim themselves ‘the dead’. They tell Rom of a nuclear blast that occurred and how they were penned inside the area for fear of their contamination. Later a voice beckons to them from a cave offering them new life. Rom goes to the cave in hopes that he too can be made whole again. He finds Quasimodo inhabiting the machines there and is told of how he cloned the people Rom found. Rom asks him to make him human again and submits to having himself cloned. As the anesthetics take hold, Quasimodo bids the Wraiths to enter. Seeing him unconscious they heap abuse on him. Rom later awakens to find himself human again and leaves the cave giving his gratitude to Quasimodo wherever he may be. As he departs, he is watched by the Dire Wraiths and Quasimodo who now inhabits his Spaceknight armor.

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