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Synopsis for "Rom -- Spaceman"

Rom frolics through the paradise outside the cave, reveling in his restored humanity. Unbeknownst to him he is being watched by Quasimodo, who now inhabits his armor, and a number of Dire Wraiths. The Wraiths are angered at Rom’s joy, but Quasimodo tells them it will not last long and then he turns on them summoning the Neutralizer and banishing them to Limbo. At that moment, Doctor Dredd arrives with the still entranced Starshine/Brandy Clark behind Quasimodo who is in Rom’s armor. Outside Rom is beginning to have remorse about abandoning his quest to rid Wraithkind by becoming human again while the danger still exists. He soon comes across the people he initially encountered dying of rapid decay and realizes he has been duped. As Quasimodo watches Doctor Dredd commands Starshine to kill him believing him to be Rom. Quasimodo flees as a vengeful Starshine gives chase. As Rom nears the cave entry he is brushed aside by Quasimodo and Starshine followed by Doctor Dredd. As Rom grapples with Doctor Dredd, Starshine eradicates the Quasimodo presence from his armor and is immediately released from the spell. She turns to exact her revenge on Doctor Dredd to find a decaying husk of a man slaying the Wraith Warlock with his bare hands. As the dying Rom clone falls forward, Starshine rushes to his side.

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