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Synopsis for "It Takes Two to Tango!"

Soviet soldiers arrive to find a dying Rom in Starshines arms. She recounts the events that have led to this moment. The soldiers order her to surrender and she slags their weapons and puts them in a paralyzing light-field. Rom bids Starshine to take him to the cave where they find the remainder of his true humanity stored in a stasis cube. Brandy fears that Rom is lost because she has not the knowledge or skill to regraft him into his armor when the Gremlin approaches them and offers his assistance.

Outside Devastator and his Soviet Super-Troopers arrive and find the transfixed soldiers. As he begins the restoration of Rom to his armor, the Gremlin tells his tale and asks for Starshines assistance against his enemies when Devastator and his squad attack. The Gremlin tells Starshine she must battle them while he finishes the process and she immediately goes on the attack. As Starshine is downed, Rom pleads with the Gremlin to finish so that he may aid her. Shortly afterward, a restored Rom rises from the operating table and joins the battle.

In face to face combat with Devastator, Rom easily neutralizes the power gauntlets and sends a feed back that destroys the satellite that is the source of their power. The dying clone tells Rom not to be bitter that he is still a man though in cyborg armor and that living he is capable of love… the two greatest things a man can have.

Solicit Synopsis

Rom and Starshine meet up with the Gremlin, who offers hope for the dying Rom-turned-human. But all is threatened by the arrival of the Devastator and the Soviet Super Soldiers!

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