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Synopsis for "Cry, the Mother Country"

Rom, Starshine, & the Gremlin bury the dead clone created by Quasimodo. Rom and Starshine embrace and Rom vows that one day they both will be human again. The Gremlin begins to put the pieces together of the Wraith infiltration of Earth with things he has discovered that caused him to flee from his own government. In Moscow, the Commissar of State Security, who is in fact a Dire Wraith, summons the Soviet Super-Soldiers, Vanguard, Major Ursus and Darkstar sends them on a mission to find the Gremlin and destroy him. Starshine uses her Light Powers to teleport the three of them to an alien edifice in the northern region of Khystym. They are quickly confronted by the Super-Soldiers. Starshine and Darkstar face off, Light against Darkness. Rom combats Vanguard and Major Ursus while the Gremlin heads toward the Wraith base to discover its purpose. Major Ursus chooses to follow the Gremlin. As Starshine is about to destroy the darkforce, she is struck by the hammer of Vanguard. In anger Rom sets his neutralizer on Vanguard. Darkstar intercepts the beam and Starshine wonders if Rom is intent on subduing or slaying the two. Rom analyzes them and reveals them to be human in nature and tries to communicate with them in their native Russian language. The Spaceknight tells them that the Gremlin is not a traitor and that a far greater evil exists. At that moment, a wounded Major Ursus arrives and tells them that Rom speaks the truth. As he transitions back to human form, he tells them of horrors that attacked him. As he speaks they arrive, Albino Hellhounds with their Dire Wraith masters.

Solicit Synopsis

It's time to "Cry the Mother Country" as, in the heart of the Soviet Union itself, the Spaceknight battles Vanguard, Darkstar, and the entire squadron of the Soviet Super Soldiers.

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