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The Hellhounds attack as Darkstar wonders why they are being whipped on by Soviet soldiers. Major Ursus tells them that they are NOT human but aliens. Rom & Starshine leap into battle as does Major Ursus who has transformed once again into a bear. Vanguard and Darkstar see a Wraith slain by Ursus revert to its transitional form and turn to ash and they too enter the battle against the Wraiths and their Hellhounds. With the battle won, the new allies enter the base seeking the Gremlin. As they enter the main chamber, a number of Wraiths raise a ‘securasphere’ trapping them as from the pit arise reanimated corpses of prehistoric monsters. As they battle the creatures, suddenly the monsters begin to fall. The Wraiths sense that their plans have gone amiss and find that the Gremlin has shut down their securasphere. As the Wraiths turn to get revenge on the Gremlin, the Spaceknights and Soviet Super-Soldiers banish or slay them. The Gremlin urges the Super-Soldiers to use the now cleansed Wraith base as a home to prevent it from being used for evil purposes again by the Dire Wraiths or the Soviet government. The Super-Soldiers agree and ask the Gremlin to join them and add his intellect to their might.

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