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Synopsis for "One Man's Toys... Are Another Man's Terror!"

A young female Dire Wraith is on the hunt and comes across Johnny Ross and Mary Lou whose car has stalled on a back road. The young Wraith approaches Mary Lou who screams. Johnny comes to her aid but is grabbed by the Wraith who then plunges its razor barbed tongue into his forehead, feeding on his brain. As Mary Lou watches in shocked horror the monster speaks in Johnny’s voice and transforms into a duplicate of him. She turns to flee and runs into the waiting arms of another adolescent Wraith who does the same to her. Over the East China Sea, Rom and Starshine soar toward home. Rom is tortured by the fact that Brandy Clark has sacrificed her humanity to become a Spaceknight like him and takes off in a bout of self-pity. Rom isn’t aware of their passing over a strange island where they are being observed by Brynocki and his long dead master Mordillo. The strange creature attacks the unaware Rom with his myriad toys knocking the Spaceknight from the sky. The two Spaceknights soon defeat the automatons and confront Brynocki who tells his tale. Rom takes off wishing to leave the mechanoid madness of the island and Starshine follows after him leaving behind the now leaderless Brynocki.

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"One Man's Toys are Another Man's Terror" as, with the new Dire Wraiths lurking in the background, Rom is attacked by the off-beat robot known as Brynocki.

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  1. 1.0 1.1 First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks
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