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Synopsis for "Renunciation!"

At the United Nations building, two distinct groups arrive in the afterhours. One is the male ‘science’ Wraiths with their WatchWraiths the other is the female ‘magic’ Wraiths with their Hellhounds. They recount the decisions that led to the aborted invasion of the neighboring Golden Galaxy and Wraithkind having been driven from their home world by the Spaceknights. The female Wraiths reveal themselves and attack their brother ‘science’ wraiths quickly destroying them and proclaiming that from thence that sorcery will define the ways of Wraithkind. Elsewhere, Rom is still in flight from Starshine who teleports in front of him to halt him and try to reason with him. Rom tells him of the hurt he feels for her sacrificing her humanity to be with him when he longs to be human and be able to enjoy the very things she has given up for her love of him. Rom rockets into space with Starshine in pursuit and as they hover over the planet, he tells her there are other worlds they could go to and be human again. Starshine asks him what has become of him and departs back to Earth to continue the fight against Wraithkind. Rom follows her back and a moment later a craft appears in the area of space they had just occupied. Back on Earth a trio of thugs chase a woman down a blind alley. As they are about to accost her, Starshine appears and blinds them with her Light-Eyes. They pull guns and fire on her but she slags their weapons. Brandy thrashes them as Rom arrives and uses his Analyzer to reveal that they are in fact human. Starshine tells Rom that she accepts her world with ALL its impurities even though it is not an idealized, perfect planet like Galador. Rom tells her that he may have presented it as such, but that Galador was like any other world with cruelty, brutality and hunger of power. He tells her that it was his longing for Galador that painted that portrait of perfection. The two resolve to fight for Earth and they fly off together in one accord.

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Is Rom forsaking his mission and leaving our poor planet at the mercy of the Dire Wraiths? You'll find out in this tumultuous tale of timeless triumph!

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