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  • Skrull Ship

Synopsis for "Massacre!"

Female Wraiths descend on Clairton, West Virginia and begin the wholesale massacre of the townspeople. Steve Jackson is confronted by the Johnny Ross disguised Wraith and slays him before being captured and killed himself. The Wraith now disguised as Steve Jackson enters the Clark residence where Brandy’s parents are also soon slain. Rom & Brandy return to Clairton and arrive at the football field where they are greeted by Brock Jones who dons his Torpedo costume and takes off with the Spaceknights. Later, Rom and Brandy arrive at the Clark home where a group of townspeople await them. Brandy shows them the power of her Living Light and in doing so the assembled people are revealed as Dire Wraiths who cast their spell and entrap the Spaceknights in a ‘shadow dimension’. Rom tells Starshine that the war has now entered a terrifying stage and that the Wraiths did not merely duplicate her loved ones, they BECAME them, thus slaying the real townspeople. As he speaks, dark malevolent entities move to attack them. Outside of Clairton a strange craft lands.

Solicit Synopsis

"Massacre!" Death comes to Rom's closest friends when he returns to Clairton, West Virginia! And his energy analyzer is useless against the new breed of Dire Wraiths! You must not miss the dramatic developments whihc lead up to next month's double-sized, fiftieth anniversary issue!

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  1. 1.0 1.1 First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks
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