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  • Skrull Ship

Synopsis for "The Extraterrestrials!"

Late at night, a group of alien figures emerge from their spacecraft outside Clairton searching for their prey. A group of humans approach and are stunned by the now revealed Skrulls. The Skrulls attune their scanners and head out in search of their enemies. As day breaks over Clairton, Brock Jones a.k.a. The Torpedo flies home declaring this the day that ‘the Torpedo dies.’ He believes that with Rom and Starshine back there is no need for him to continue as the Torpedo. He arrives at the Clark home where a group is awaiting him. He enters the home and is told that the Dire Wraiths have returned to Clairton. Brock tells them there is no way since Rom activated his visor with Detector Vision. He is asked what if the Wraiths had cast a spell so that his perceptions were changed. He supposes it possible and at that moment the Wraiths drop their spell and stand revealed to him. The Torpedo is able to Jet-punch two Wraiths before being grabbed and tongue-spiked by another and thus slain himself. In the shadow dimension where they have been entrapped, Rom comes under attack from the malevolent shadow demons as Starshine/Brandy grieves for her dead family. Back in Clairton, the Skrulls continue their search and destroy mission. They knock on the door of the Jones residence where they encounter the Wraith who slew Brock Jones and the rest of the Jones family. The Brock-Wraith strikes out and slays the first Skrull but is soon cut down by the others. They also set the home ablaze and depart in search of more Wraiths. In the shadow dimension, as Rom is about to be overcome, Brandy in a fit of rage refashions her armor into a more warrior-like appearance and lashes out at the demons dispelling their darkness. Starshine then uses her Light powers to open a portal back to Clairton with vengeance on her mind. They reappear above Clairton as the populace fights numerous fires in town. Lorraine arrives and tells Rom of Brock’s death and other aliens. Starshine goes forth to slay their victimizers. A group of Skrulls arrive at the Clark home where they are intercepted by Rom & Starshine. The Skrulls reveal themselves and tell of their hunt. Steve Jackson, Sarah Clark & Jonathan Clark, and other disguised Wraiths emerge and engage the Skrulls with their dark magic. Brandy slays three of the Wraiths and strikes in anger at Rom when he tells her she is bound by oath not to take another life if not necessary. Rom banishes the remainder of the wraiths and Starshine sets the house on fire. The survivors of the town gather with the Spaceknights and the Skrulls on a nearby hilltop where Rom asks the Skrulls to explain their enmity with the Dire Wraiths. The Skrulls reveal that the Dire Wraiths are a deviant branch of Skrullkind given to practicing dark magicks and arcane arts. They reveal that they warred on the Wraiths that escaped from them into the Dark Nebula where the Skrulls dared not follow.

Appearing in "Life with Rom and Brandy!"

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  • Rom
  • Starshine (Brandy Clark)

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Synopsis for "Life with Rom and Brandy!"

  • Synopsis not yet written

Solicit Synopsis

Big double-sized fiftieth anniversary issue! But it's no party for Rom, Spaceknight! As if the Dire Wraiths weren't enough - the Skrulls stalk Clairton - but who are they after, Rom, or the Wraiths? Plus the startling transformation of Starshine's armor!


  • Brandy Clark in her grief uses the Living Light to refashion the Starshine armor into a more warrior-like appearance.
  • The Origin of the Dire Wraiths as deviant offshoots of Skrulls is revealed in this issue.
  • The Skrulls leave Earth after cleansing Clairton of Dire Wraiths because news that some great disaster had befallen the empire summoned them home. That disaster was the destruction of the Imperial Throneworld Tarnax IV by Galactus[1].
  • The last page presented an alternate reality version (in the spirit of Assistant Editor's Month) which had a domestic setting for Rom & Starshine having breakfast. Rom is wearing s robe and smoking a pipe while Brandy is in an apron. Rom is shown popping up toast from his head thereby spoofing on the nickname "Toaster-head" given him by a number of fans.
  • This was a special Double-sized issue.

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