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Quote1 So what do we do now? Surrender? Roll over, play dead, and hand the wraiths our planet on a platter? Or do we find some other way to penetrate wraithkinds’ human disguises -- and slaughter the space-scum before they slaughter us?! Quote2

Appearing in "The Blood-Trail!"

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Synopsis for "The Blood-Trail!"

In the city of Atlanta, Georgia, a S.H.I.E.L.D. ESPer agent leads specially trained soldiers of Project Wraith-Watch, accompanied by Rom and Starshine, into the sewers below. There they find a horde of Wraiths torturing humans. The Wraiths lash out at the ESPer agent and slay him. Rom and Starshine immediately attack with vengeance followed soon behind by the soldiers who have orders to shoot to kill. After dispatching the Wraiths, it is discovered that the captives have all been drained of their blood. At nearby Mercy Hospital, Rick Jones checks in to find out what is wrong with him. Back at the S.H.I.E.L.D. ESPer unit, another group prepares to track the Wraiths despite their complete vulnerability to Wraith magic. Doctor Strange arrives and imbues the ESPer agents with a spell to protect them from Wraith psycho-sorcerous assaults and then departs. Soon after, one agent sees horror at Mercy Hospital. At the hospital Rick Jones awaits the results of his tests as a sinister force enters the hospital’s blood bank. There the Wraiths infuse the entire blood supply with the tainted blood they created from their victims. The Doctor arrives and gives Rick the news that he has an incurable cancer from his exposure to gamma radiation and that he will need to replace his irradiated blood with transfusions. A nurse approaches with some of the Wraith tainted blood to perform the transfusion as Rom and Starshine soar towards Mercy Hospital.

Solicit Synopsis

What's causing the problems in Atlanta, Georgia? When innocent people are involved, guest-stars Nick Fury and SHIELD, and Doctor Strange get involved! And when the Dire Wraiths launch a new plan against mankind, our spaceknight Rom steps in! It's called "Blood Trail" - and it signals a Wraith War in full gear!

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