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Ant-Man (Scott Lang) arrives at the flooded ruins of Beaver Lake, Ontario. He finds the Red Cross has already set up and tended to the wounded survivors. He comes across Snowbird and Sasquatch being tended to and realizes that the flood was most likely not a natural occurrence. He then sees Shaman attempting to purge the Wraith taint from Marrina and finally arrives at the meeting of General Locklin and the Spaceknights. He overhears Rom explain to the General that the Wraiths have used their sorcery to taint the waters of the lake thereby altering the natural lifeforms that live there. Ant-Man reveals himself and is introduced by Rick Jones who had contacted the Avengers asking for his help. Rom and Starshine synthesize the ‘Shrinking Gas’ to be effective on them and, with the Ant-man, proceed to explore a nearby anthill. Ant-man soon picks up the wails of tormented ants and soon after finds the colony in the midst of being transformed by the Wraith taint into monsters. The three heroes battle the creatures. The Spaceknights realize that the battle must be fought on a microscopic level and begin to shrink further to combat it. Ant-Man escapes to warn the rest only to find many transformed creatures attacking the locals. Rom and Starshine continue to follow the eldritch trail.

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