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Synopsis for "A World Alive!"

The two Spaceknights Rom and Starshine (Brandy Clark) are shrinking to find the root of the Wraith taint that has transformed simple ants into monsters. They are on the back of an ant and are accosted by a mite that has also been transformed. In self defense they are forced to kill the unfortunate mite whose carcass falls on top of the still shrinking heroes. Meanwhile, above ground the Ant-Man and the Wraith-Hunters are in a desperate battle with hordes of transformed insects. The Ant-Man summons friendly and untainted ants to counter the creatures. Rick Jones learns that, as the Wraiths had hoped, the taint has spread from the lowest life forms throughout the ecological chain and threatens to soon taint all lifeforms on Earth. The Spaceknights continue to shrink to a sub-molecular level and finally find the source of the Wraith taint. Rom uses his Neutralizer to boost the ants’ immune system, creating antibodies capable of destroying the taint like an invading virus. The cure is quickly spread by the taint itself to restore all the creatures that were infected thus neutralizing the genetic damage. Rom and Starshine begin to expand to their original size and are thanked by the community of ants for cleansing them of the evil.

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Mutated insects threaten the world! Rom and Starshine have to go to the source - the deadly, dangerous, and diabolical demons lurking in... Sub-Atomica! It's the battle-to-the-death you've been waiting for, guest-starring Ant-Man and Rick Jones!

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