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Synopsis for "The Eyes of a Child!"

Rick Jones has a vision of an acrid, hellish planet with a black sun that he believes to be Wraithworld, only to find that it is actually the Earth. He then awakens from the nightmare realizing this to be the Wraiths' plans for the planet. Rom travels through a savage winter storm searching for Starshine. When he finds her, she is in deep self reflection recounting the events that have led her to this place and the family and friends she has lost in the Wraith War. Elsewhere, a passenger train is trapped in a snowy mountain pass when dark saurian shapes descend from the skies and transform into Wraith-witches. A number of brave passengers attempt to defend the train but are quickly overwhelmed and slain. The Wraiths continue their slaughter of the humans. A few days later, a rescue party which includes the Hunter-Rangers and the two Spaceknights find the scene of the massacre. As they search each car, Rick Jones comes across a terrified young girl. He quickly summons the Spaceknights. When Starshine sees the mark on the child’s forehead, indicative of how a Wraith kills its victims and assumes their identities, she opens fire with her Lighteyes. Rick shields the child with his body and as his clothes burst into flames, Rom blocks Starshine’s attack. As Starshine protests, Rom turns his Energy Analyzer on the child revealing her to be human. She then tells of how her father tried to hide her and her mom, but was slain by a Wraith. The Wraith then tried to take her, drilling into her forehead, with it’s barbed tongue. Images of horror began to fill her mind when her mother slashed the Wraith’s barbed tongue with a knife, severing the link. As she crawled away and hid, the Wraith slew her mother.

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