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Synopsis for "The Beginning of the End of the World!"

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As people enjoy a day at Virginia Beach, a shadow and chill darkens the day as a countless horde of black saurian shapes come together to form a black spinning vortex in the sky. As the onlookers stand transfixed they see a sinister ebony shaft erupt from the disk. It traverses space at supernatural speed and pierces the Sun stabbing a black hole in the heart of the star. As the assembled Wraiths scream their triumph, Rom arrives, Neutralizer in hand, and soars through the massed horde banishing them to Limbo. In an attempt to flee, the Wraiths dive into the star disc followed by the Spaceknight who soon becomes lost in the utter darkness. The darkness is dispelled by the ghostly image of Starshine freeing Rom. He then sees the result of the Wraith attack as the black hole on the sun begins to enlarge.

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