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Synopsis for "Doomsday!"

As Wraithworld moves ever closer, Rom stands transfixed by Wraith magic, unable to do anything to prevent it. Forge waits in orbit with the completed Neo-Neutralizer. All of Wraithkind, including their Hellhounds and Deathwings on Earth, are summoned to mock the Spaceknight at the moment of their apparent triumph when the host of Earth's mightiest heroes arrive to battle the Wraiths. These include the New Defenders, the Soviet Super-Soldiers, the Avengers, and the X-Men, along with the Wraith Hunter-Rangers, Cindy Adams, Rick Jones and Brandy Clark.

Rom is released from the stasis spell and, after briefly helping in the battle, heads to link up with Forge in space. Rom uses his Neutralizer to power Forge’s weapon which they train upon Wraithworld negating it's magic and banishing it from existence.


Captain Britain's appearance in this issue is almost certainly a continuity error as it is irreconcilable with his solo continuity. One possible explanation however, is that Mordred projected the image of Brian in his previous costume into the fight against the Dire Wraiths; this would've helped him to keep up appearances while he had Brian captured.[1]

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