Appearing in "Lifesong"

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  • Hiberlac (First appearance) (planet of the Hibers)



Synopsis for "Lifesong"

Brandy stares into the night wondering why Rom has forsaken her. She is joined by Rick Jones who tries to console her. Rom soars through the stars questioning his own meaning in life. He comes across a planet that appears at first lifeless except for a flash that catches his attention. Rom decides to investigate. He finds life miraculously springing forth and encounters an alien edifice. As he proceeds further he is accosted by a creature and uses his Translator to communicate. The protector tells Rom of the people lying dormant that come forth at the time of wakening to sing a joyous song for the once each millennium when their world springs forth with life as the planet moves midway between its two suns. Even as he watches, the time passes, the blooms fade and the people return to their suspended animation. Rom leave this world with a new outlook on thanksgiving of life.

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