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  • Artie Packer




Synopsis for "As I Lay Dying!"

Steve Jackson desperately tries to revive the damaged Rom. Steve’s best friend, State Trooper Artie Packer arrives to talk to him about some strange things that he had witnessed on the highway and finds Steve harboring the “Killer Robot”. Steve explains what has happened and Rom’s mission. Together they load Rom into a car to take to Brandy’s lab. Soon after they leave, another group of Hellhounds arrive and retrieve Rom’s Neutralizer which had been encased in a mystic field. A High Wraith summons the Thornoids, killer plants, to attack the helpless Spaceknight. As Artie stands guard, Brandy and Steve attempt to revive Rom. The Thornoids attack and severely wound Artie Packer. As the killer plants corner Brandy & Steve, a revived Rom comes to their rescue.

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