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Synopsis for "The Hidden God!"

Scanner picks up the signature of a fellow Spaceknight so with Rom & Seeker, they go to seek out their comrade. Concentrating on locating their friend, Scanner is caught off guard when a native creature attacks. Seeker deals with the beast and they proceed on to find a large contingent of Dire Wraiths working on constructing an immense citadel. The Wraiths continue working completely ignoring the presence of their deadly enemies. Rom selects one for questioning who begs to be let go to finish its tasks lest it be struck down by the hidden god. As it speaks, the Wraith is stuck down and slain. The hidden god is soon revealed to be the fellow Spaceknight Unum the Unseen. Unum tells of how he pursued a contingent of Wraiths across the cosmos in fear as he was operating alone instead of as a part of the Spaceknight Squadron. When the Wraiths lost their sorcerous ability, he began to strike at them. Rom chastises Unam who summons the wraith to his temple. They beg Rom to banish them and Unam tries to stop him but Rom knocks him away and sends the Wraiths to Limbo.

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