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Synopsis for "Shame"

Rom, Scanner, & Seeker walk away from the disgraced Unam who pleads for forgiveness from his comrades. Rom tells him there is nothing to be forgiven and accepts him back. The four Spaceknights then continue their quest for home. On Earth, Rick, Brandy and Cindy try to make a life together with a new home. As the Spaceknights continue on their journey, Scanner detects the presence of another Spaceknight and the quartet land on the planet Clavius to find him. They are soon found by native humanoids that attack them. The attack thwarted, Rom seeks to find the reason for the assault and finds his answer in the sudden arrival of the Spaceknight Vola The Trapper who explains that the populace has learned to hate all Spaceknights but her. Vola tells of an unholy alliance between the Wraiths and a renegade, Raak The Breaker. Rom is shown the evidence as both Science Wraiths and Sorcerous Wraiths work together with Raak. Rom decrees that the Spaceknights must stop Raak. Together with the Clavians they strike back. Raak & Rom face off in single combat where Rom is handicapped by his reluctance to use his full might against a fellow Spaceknight. As Raak unleashes his full might, Unam dives in front of Rom bearing the full force of Raak’s attack which kills him. As Raak prepares a second attack, an angry Rom brings forth his Neutralizer and turns it on Raak, neutralizing his armor and banishing him to Limbo.

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