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  • Galadorian resistance fighters
    • Winsor




Synopsis for "Strangers in Paradise!"

Brandy materializes on the planet Galador just as the Beyonder had promised her. As she explores the lush paradise, she soon comes across the ruins of a city. Seeing the destruction, she breaks down in tears and is soon espied by a Spaceknight soaring above that moves to attack. Brandy sees his shadow and, feeling danger, is able to dash to one side and avoid the initial burst. She flees through the ruins with Lightningbolt in pursuit. She comes across the remains of a fallen member of the Angel Elite and instinctively uses its Horn of Heaven to strike down her attacker. Suddenly, a group of humans emerge from underground and join her in finishing off the renegade. They take the weapons and Brandy and retreat back to the catacombs beneath the ruins. Brandy is brought before Ariane who tells of the creation of the more powerful Second Generation of Spaceknights in the wake of Galactus moving from Galador to an unknown location in space. When no threats arose, these Second Generation Spaceknights turned renegades and depopulated the planet. Together they form a plan to assault the Halls of Science and hold their frozen humanity hostage. As Brandy holds the controls to the cryo-vaults in her hands threatening to destroy their humanity, Rom and the remainder of the Spaceknight Squadron arrive. The renegade Spaceknight Heatwave uses his powers to destroy all the remains, calling Brandy’s bluff and demanding the Gen1 Spaceknights choose to join them or die.

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