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Appearing in "The Bargain!"

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Synopsis for "The Bargain!"

Their humanity destroyed, Rom and the Spaceknight Squadron strike back at the Gen2 renegades. Rom attempts to protect Ariane and the few surviving human Galadorians but his code of honor prevents him from killing the renegades. The remnant join the fray against the renegades and in horrific battle all are slain except Brandy Clark and the Spaceknight Squadron. Rom uses a diversion and they escape to the catacombs. Brandy tells them of what she has learned of the treachery of the renegades and how it came about. The Gen2 Spaceknights return to the Dark Tower, the seat of power for Lord Dominor the leader of the rogue Gen2 Spaceknights and report the destruction of the cryogenic chambers. In the catacombs the disheartened Gen1 Spaceknights decide on a desperate attempt to assault the Dark Tower and send a signal to the remaining Gen1 Spaceknights of the location of the lost Galador. They assault the Dark Tower as Brandy seeks weapons to aid them. Rom comes face to face with Lord Dominor who seeks a bargain with Rom for Brandy Clark to repopulate the planet. As they speak, Heatwave and the Gen2 renegades enter and a duel between Rom and Dominor is called for.

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